Welcome to the Alaska Veterans Business Alliance!

The Alaska Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Alliance, doing business as The Alaska Veterans Business Alliance (AVBA) is a non-profit organization that was created in support of Executive Order-13360, the Service-Disabled Veterans Executive Order of 2004. This order honors the extraordinary service rendered to the United States by veterans with disabilities incurred or aggravated in the line of duty during active service with the armed forces.

The AVBA is not only for Service Disabled Veterans, but for all Veterans to include the National Guard, Reserves and active duty.

The Corporation is charged with creating and enhancing entrepreneurial business opportunities for Veterans, including Service-Disabled Veterans.

Our Mission

The mission of this corporation shall be to assist, enable, support and empower disabled veterans in establishing and maintaining viable business enterprises, to defend the rights of the disabled veteran in business granted by U.S. Government, State of Alaska or any government entity, and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against disabled veterans in business, both public and private. In order to carry out the mission, the Alliance shall:

  • Create business opportunities with Government Agencies and private companies and other Alliance members.
  • Link member with appropriate and timely information.
  • Collaborate to solve problems.
  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities.
  • Promote the common interest, welfare and advancement of all veteran owned small businesses.
  • Engage in any other activity permitted under the Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Act (AS 10.20) and consistent with the tax-exempt status under Internal Revenues Code section 501(c), or under any successor provisions to these statutes.

Our Vision

Provide Veterans including Service Disabled Veterans with the tools and resources they need to be successful in business by fostering entrepreneurship and business opportunities.

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